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I own a similar, but not identical jump starter. Chinese manufactured, it carries 3 lithium packs in series, charges through USB cable and it can provide either power for a USB consumer or a short burst of power through 2 clamps.

As it came from factory, it had a pack of Schottky diodes on the + wire, to protect from reverse polarity. Ordinary, board soldered Schottky diodes. This made it unusable, as there was no way this side of the laws of physics to fire 200 amps through them. Desoldered and removed the diodes and replaced them with a solid copper bar. It could give "a kick" to a weak battery and turn the starter motor. After 2 starts, its charge barely falls from 4 LEDs to 3.

The jump starter is less than 1/2 lbs and it can be easily held in a coat pocket, like a big smartphone.

Wires are 10 AWG, too thin to carry current for a sizable amount of time, but enough to fire a burst of current for 1-2 seconds, as needed for a jump start.

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