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Well, their ad copy is riddled with outright lies right off the bat.

"Average gas mileage for new cars has stagnated around 22 MPG for the last 20 years."

According to the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute, average fuel economy of new cars has hovered around 25 MPG for the past two years, up from 20 MPG in 2007. It certainly hasn't been stagnant for two decades.

"Traditional engines are only 30% efficient at best."

Many cars today have engines with peak thermal efficiency higher than 30%. The current Prius, for instance, achieves peak thermal efficiency of 40%, as does the new hyundai Ioniq, and the 2018 Camry, among others.

"Cars are generally discarded after 100K miles due to the stress and heat caused by friction inside the engine, which leads to lost compression and efficiency."

The average age of cars on American roads today is more than 11 years old. "The number of vehicles on the road that are at least 25 years old is about 14 million. That's up from about 8 million in 2002. Those are vehicles made in 1990 or earlier. Meanwhile, the number of vehicles that are 16 to 24 years old is 44 million. That's up from 26 million in 2002, according to IHS. 'There’s quite a bit of evidence of these vehicles lasting longer, staying on the road longer, people hanging on to them longer,' Seng said."

That doesn't incline me to take the rest of their claims seriously.
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