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I'm impressed by the sheer amount of optimization you did in the 02/08 release. That kind of optimization isn't cheap.

The 02/16 build is working well in the car, including the drag stats. Right now I'm chasing something in the odometer -- I think the in-car odometer rounds up to the nearest tenth, with a resolution of a hundredth. I'll know more once the trip mileage hits 1000 and I show the exact number of ticks (by setting ticks-per-mile to 100). I believe 1 mile was 8196, 10 miles was 8199, and I did a ghetto calculation at 160.1 miles that matched when I set the ticks to 8201. Rounding is the only reason I can think of why the odometer wouldn't match the Arduino exactly I did notice it when the Arduino reported x.996 as the mileage when the odometer changed, but by going to 1000 miles I can measure quite precisely, and I can expose any rounding done by the odometer by shifting all the digits to the left.

My speed sensor should trigger a tick every 5.7 inches, and the duino has a resolution of 5.28 feet. I've noticed the speed sensor won't trigger at under about 0.5 mph, but even in that case the odometer and arduino should match since both are simply counting speed ticks.

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