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I know !! I am praying and DROOLING over the potential of this technology! I just pray that EEStor realizes they can make a LOT more money by changing the world than by selling out!!

What more important though is not power density or mass. WE DO need to get it down to some X mass thats not too heavy (leads are too heavy)

Power Density is not as critical is mass is light and most importantly

the most critical aspect.

CHEAP PRICE. If they can get the EQ of say the E95 pack down to say $500 a pop. The world will change.

I could put a $5000 pack in my big van and go 1000-1200 miles without a charge.

What we need is a rediciously affordable and long lasting battery pack. Low power density is ok if its light enough. If they can do high power density at the same time. Great bonus!

What we need is a 150mile range 4 door 4 person mid size family sedan for under $12k

THATS what we need. WHen we can do that you will see a MASSIVE shift to electric cars.

Know what a $12k electric car would cost me? NOTHING. thats because the monthly payment on a $12k loan is smaller than what I am spending RIGHT NOW ($350) monthly on gasoline!

but it has to be a 100% replacement. for me that means a DROP DEAD worst posible range of 75 miles. My commute is 55 miles each way. 20miles buffer would make me feel safer. Drive to work. Charge up Drive home.

75miles range would allow me to not use gasoline for over 95% of my yearly driving.
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