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Originally Posted by EF Civic View Post
The 1988 Civic transmissions aren't so great because they used that-year-specific clutch & flywheel (input shaft splines are different than the 1989-2000 D series). So I picked up the 90-91 DX trans to have a hybrid one made up: DX 1st thru 4th gear, HF 5th gear & 2.95 final drive, DX casing (better condition), DX input shaft (can use newer/better clutches & flywheels). The DX gears will shorten up driving around town a little bit. The 5th gear will be fantastic at higher speeds on the highways -- about 80 MPH at 2400 RPMs.
Good idea! I hate the HF 3rd gear, it's too tall for climbing some hills where I live. I should've made a hybrid transmission, but instead I installed a junkyard HF transmission with a bad bearing.

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