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Originally Posted by Reg.Airman View Post
Airman has test results showing 11.9% average increase in miles per gallon (see the AirmanSystems website under Test Summ) of the AirWedge II aerodynamic addition to Class 8 vans and reefers.Testing was done over a two month period. The test was done over the road in all weather conditions. A fairly spectacular demonstration of the difference between skirts and the AirWedge II when running through the snow with another trucker is on the home page. And there are comments in the NEWS page that should be of interest. My Airman email and phone number are on the website.
One important piece: since we use the under trailer airflow to pull the drag off the back doors, the AirWedge is not compatible with skirts. And since the Bernoulli effect also drags airflow from the top of the trailer the AirWedge is not compatible with boat tails although a top kit increases the miles per gallon about another 2%. The nose cone works well with the AirWedge II, too.
If you are interested in running a test let us figure out how to get an AirWedge II to you in Australia.
Interesting website.
Would definitely simplify the trailer configs, however, I am interested in how you would deal with the extra kit we have under all our trailers (APU's, fuel tanks, tyres, tool boxes, etc.. combined with the tri wheel bogey rear end on our setups?
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