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Thanks for the advice!

I'm extremely happy to have the Cobalt, it's a fantastic vehicle. I wish we'd been able to get one of the better optioned models (re: OnStar, alloy wheels, forced induction) but I can add most of that stuff myself in due time, and I love it anyways. I've been setting aside money since it was bought in order to eventually purchase it, since my parents own it for now.

Thankfully, it's in pretty good shape as far as rust goes. The suspension/steering and the subframe all have the usual surface rust, but there's nothing on the body panels or the doors, so I'm hoping I can clean & coat the majority of the underbody this summer. It's kept outside, so I want to do everything I can to keep rust from becoming an issue. I do have an amusing picture of the layer of salt that's accumulated in the wheel wells so far- haven't washed it in a while.

I'm working on a college decision right now as I prepare to graduate this spring, currently hoping I can get an associate's degree in automotive service before transferring to university for a BS in engineering. My dream is to work with hybrid and electric vehicles, hopefully high-performance ones- unfortunately there's not much in the way of specific education for that yet, but I'll pursue whatever opportunities lead me in that direction.

In the meantime, I've got plenty of plans for the car once I start making money again. I'd like to add a solar panel to keep the battery topped off, switch to a deep cycle or AGM, and add a switch to disable the alternator.
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