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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
I thought that it used aluminium subframes like the European versions of the Opel Astra (while the Brazilian-made versions of the Astra relied on steel subframes). But anyway, what kind of mods are you considering to do in the Cobalt?
Nope, pretty sure the Delta chassis vehicles all have steel subframes. I know some of the higher trims (SS) with the FE5 suspension have some aluminum parts like the control arms though, and I do plan on eventually upgrading to those. I'm hoping some time in the next couple years I can find myself a totaled or junkyard SS Cobalt/HHR or Saturn Ion Redline and pull all the good bits off it.

I have lots of plans for this car, but as far as ecomods go, here's some of my main goals:
  • 16" Alloy wheels
  • Solar panel to keep battery topped off
  • Better battery(ies)
  • Capacitor pack
  • Alternator disable switch
  • Full LED conversion
  • Catback exhaust?
  • Partial grill block
  • Manual transmission
Obviously a lot of these I can't do until I have the money and/or equipment necessary, but I expect these things and more to be achievable over the next few years.

I'm already running:
  • Aftermarket intake
  • Weight reduction
  • Tires >35psi
  • Shorty radio antenna
  • Door trim delete
  • LED reverse lights (stock bulbs were inadequate)
  • Half tank fills- always add a half tank when I get down to 1/4 remaining
One thing I've really loved about the Cobalt is the instrumentation- the DIC that comes stock is pretty darn accurate and can display average mileage (resettable for tanks or trips), instant FE, tire pressure, average speed (also resettable), two trip odometers, coolant temperature, oil life, remaining range, and outside temperature. I tend to leave it on FE and use it to hone my hypermiling skills but just having all that information available is great.
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