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What type of motor? Hub or frame mount? Frame is likely more efficient but hub needs less maintenance. Do you ride in a tuck? Your power levels seem a bit high for a 14 pound bike. You might consider a recumbent bike since they can be more efficient due to less aerodynamic drag. I ride a trike and have about the same speed as you with the same average power output you mentioned. I agree with vskid about keeping the batteries as low as possible. If you're going to run a two horse motor you'll want beefier wheels(at least the drive wheel) to be able to handle the additional torque on them. If you use a hub motor then you'll need a torque arm to attach the motor to the frame so it can't spin out of the dropouts.

Check out Justin at for controllers and power monitors. I haven't been there in a while but when I had a problem with one of his controllers many years ago he took care of the problem immediately. He also may be able to help you with charging and cell balancing which you need to do with Lifepo4. Good luck with your build. Hope you document it here for us.
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