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My daily commute is 14.5 miles (we'll call it 15 miles) one way. 30 miles round trip.

I agree completely about having enough batteries to complete my trip, and not lugging around a bunch of extra weight. Part of my thought behind having the setup i'm proposing (75-80 cells, 15-16 in series x 5 parallel), I can get longer life out of the batteries if I only drain them down to 80% or 70% between charges. Where as if I drained the batteries completely (or nearly completely) they might not last as long?

An average speed of 18mph-20mph is just a figure I am going to throw around until I get the bike built. Who knows, I may actually ride it closer to 30mph once built, (that will depend on real world testing).


I am very proficient in the 3D modeling/rendering software Autodesk 3DS Max. I will start posting renderings of the proposed battery setup and various other components until the bike is built.

Here's two ideas for the battery:

16 series x 5 parallel (oops, I accidentally only made 4 parallel in the renders, but you get the idea)

Once cut into two pieces, the blue "D" cell battery holders will require something on the back side that I can glue them to (not pictured above). I was thinking maybe thin (3mm) plexi-glass or balsa wood?

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