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You're correct about the batteries. Their nominal state is at 3.2 volts per cell. Full charge level is 3.6 volts per cell which means you would need about a 56 volt charger for full charge on 15 cells. Probably 60 volts to charge 16 cells. I like the battery holders. In most states the maximum legal speed for an ebike is 20 mph on a level surface with no help from the rider. You can go faster with rider input but I would check Texas laws. Apparently California changed the max speed of ebikes to 28 mph a few years ago before they call it a moped which needs to be licensed. Anyway it's good to know your local laws. Your two horse motor should easily go 30 mph if you want it to. My one horse would do 30 with room to spare and that was with 75 pounds of bike, motor and battery plus my 200 pounds. My bike might be in the archives on this site. Can't remember if I posted it here or not. I'll look.
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