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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Has anybody tried a cab wing that will also angle up into a deflector for a travel trailer?..........
There is a project thread in this forum on something similar, but as I recall it was intended for trailer use, then easy removal from the truck cab.

I did find this example today, it uses the air slots similar to my roof wing design. I guess I'm not so crazy after all.

Newsletter The Inside Track | ARC

ARC has designed and patented off-cycle credit technologies for the automotive industry. A featured design for pickup trucks, offers a moveable wake convergence and air deflection device improves fuel economy for loaded, unloaded and trailered conditions. This off-cycle technology is available for purchase to help improve aerodynamic fuel efficiency and gain off-cycle credits.

ARC services, from wind tunnel testing, CFD analysis, CFD ELEMENTS suite and consulting, can help develop and prove off-cycle credit moveable aerodynamic devices. Using the efficiency operations at ARC can help reduce timelines and provide the solution needed for less cost.
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