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That's a neat idea. A few years ago (in 2009) I bought a few sheets of carbon fiber and resin to play around with. Irregardless of what material is used with resin (ie. carbon fiber or fiberglass), the resin will get crazy hard, which is good. It's an idea.

I agree, always a good idea to know the local state laws. I just checked out your bike on Endless Sphere. 72v, wow! I love the idea of high voltage low amperage. I also like your DIY setup of the wooden holder for the batteries.

I plan on being careful with the batteries (and the bike as a whole) from the stand point that I'm not going to ride it like a bat out of hell everywhere I go, constantly slamming on the gas and brakes, etc... However, once built I do want to test the upper limits of the bike (see what it's capable of).

Plastic holders
Bad news... The plastic holder idea is dead. The problem with the plastic holders (as I found out this afternoon), is that when connected it creates a short. To illustrate what I'm talking about, Imagine you had 4 batteries connected in parallel. You then take two of those batteries and flip them around (ie. swapping positive for negative). It would create a short. Which is how those plastic holders are designed. Oh well... The plastic holders was an expensive option anyway.

Today's update
Going against my previous post where I cursed the idea of using Nickel strips to connect the cells. I purchased the following items on eBay.

I am going to use solder to attach the Nickel strips. Later this week I'll purchase a good soldering iron (any suggestions?).

Lastly, I found this video on YouTube for excellent (step-by-step) instructions for making the battery.

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