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Well the overhead is way off. I did 104.7 miles all city averaged 25 mph basically 2 weeks of 4 mile each way commute, full cooldown before return trip, (I know it's bad for it, it is not the intended use, I'm checking it out while I had a 2 week warranty, I will go back to my Subie for commuting soon) and used 7.99 gallons, for 13.1 mpg. The overhead was reading 23.7! That still is what my Hemi would get, if not better, doing the same duty in this weather, even my 4.0 Grand Cherokee was similar (the Subie does 23-25mpg though).
I did get all the fluids changed, the front diff looked pretty bad but the rest looked good. I ordered an EGT, fuel pressure, and boost gauge that I want to get on before making any other adjustments. I have started using all 6 gears as Slowmover suggested. I do think that helps, shifting about 1900rpm which lets it drop to 1250-1500, once I'm done accelerating I might put it in 6th if I'm going over 40, if not I run in 5th. It's easier now that I have had it awhile and maybe the new syncromesh fluid helped, it was a bit low. I did do a brief run up to 80 mph for 5 miles to look for problems but it seems solid and vibration free.

Once I get my gauges on I'll probably take it in for and injector test to see if they are even or if any are out of balance. That is probably the worst thing that could be off, $1800 worth of injectors. I wonder if they are overfueling if they would be causing the overhead computer to be so far off. Basically they are giving more diesel than the computer thinks they are giving. I also wonder if it isn't running some kind of tune that I may not know about. I might see if the shop (not a dealer) can flash a stock program just to be sure.

I can't wait to hook up the camper and give it more of a workout, still buried in snow with more falling everyday still!
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