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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
Yes, while that may be the case, the manufacturer still runs more aggressive tunes and lower compression on turbocharged engines. It's a fact of life.

When I had the turbo on my insight, my MPG went up by 3mpg. This was measured at the pump, not going off the FCD.

Why are we still beating this over the head anyway, it's been proven when you add a properly sized turbo/supercharger to an N/A engine, it gains 10-20% MPG due to the increased VE.
Turbo has nothing to do with aggressive tune anymore. Here in Europe almost every model has a turbo. This includes plenty of eco models, MPVs and busses.

Turbocharging can increase or decrease MPG. If you use some home made installation, most like you will loose some fuel efficiency. Better turbo installations can improve FE. For example VW's new 1.5 TSI has a geometric compression ratio of 12.5 thanks to miller cycle, which would not be possible without high boost pressure. Turbo gives also good low end torque, which allows tall gearing.
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