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Egt climbs like crazy at that max boost, like I said it's WOT seems like it hit almost 1200, backing off it quickly goes down to 600 or less crusing at 55-60. Any off throttle deceleration pulls the egt under 200 almost right away. I have the 2004.5 which from what I read will do over 30psi stock.
The torque app reading the MAP shows it is getting boost but it stops registering at I think 22-23 psi and you have to subtract 14 atmospheric pressure. The torque app also shows a boost number but I don't know how it gets that number. It is showing more boost than the gauge. I guess it's possible there is a problem with the new gauge but I also feel it fall flat at 2000 rpm and it does make quite a bit of black smoke at WOT.
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