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D16y5 Civic HX drivetrain into Integra

Hi there, brand new here...a little backround: I have owned a 1996 Civic HX 5 speed for several years...get 37-44 mpg no matter how I drive it doing math after gas fill ups. Basically the car itself is falling apart but the drivetrain is great. Finding an unmolested clean 96-98 civic hx or ex 5 speed (Id swap the drivetrain to make it an HX ) is proving to be very difficult to research if anyone has swapped the HX's D16y5, trans, etc into a 96-98 Integra? Doing research on it is hurting my much b.s. , wrong information, theory, etc but noone chimes in who has actually done it with real world problems and fixes. I know the Integra weighs more, I can resolve that if need be...but if the swap doesnt require a while bunch of fab Im willing to do it...Id like to keep A/C ....Anyone done it? thanks in advance for your time, been a lurker forever

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