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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
I've seen cartoons or scify movies with a flying platform hardly bigger than a garbage can lid. Then in whips around in circles at high speed with amazing acceleration and deceleration. Think about it, would be comfortable standing on a perfectly stable 200 foot high rock pillar with a 24" platform on it? Now fly it around. I don't think so. The propulsion device needs to be affixed to your body's core, like a jet pack or a seat. Even a handglider is really attached to your core and steered with you arms. It's one thing to ride on something like a surfboard, skis, or skateboard, but when that thing brakes, accelerates, and turns, being at one end of all your weight seems like a bad idea.
I'd be comfortable standing on a 24" rock pillar 200 ft high, but that's because I've done it enough times.

Strapping a motorized device to the core of a person adds cost and complexity. It's much more cost effective to have the person adapt to the handling characteristics of the hoverboard. I know I wouldn't pay more for a device that doesn't go any faster, have more maneuverability, or takes less skill to operate.

...and this video shows that a high degree of stability can be achieved by merely placing the propulsion at the foot of the object. Example starts at 4:00, but the whole video is neat.

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