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December 8th Change of plans.

I didn't like the way the truck was coming together. I sat in the shop and stared at the project thinking it was going to look stupid. Something needed to change. Then with about an hour before I had to leave an idea hit me. Why not do a sub-frame? Years ago I put a firebird sub-frame on a 56 Chevy. It gave me smoother suspension, disk brakes and power steering. I measured the frame rails on the truck frame and on the Prius and they were almost exactly the same. So I grab the saw and cut the front clip off the truck frame and rolled the rear section inside. I cut the Prius just in front of the fuel tank. Using some 4x4s as spacers, I laid the Truck frame on top of the Prius floor. Ratchet strapped them together and set the cab on top. I loved it.

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