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So far, it is still the first tank, I don't know how accurate the gauge. Since I top off the tank in the last refill (waste gas), I've got 250+miles less than half tank. So, I don't count this tank as a real mpg improvement.

From my observation, with normal acceleration, not cruising, not rapid or slow acceleration,
1st gear -> <10mpg
2nd gear -> <15mpg
3rd gear -> <25mpg
4th gear -> <30mpg

Under traffic congestion, even 1st gear can gives you 40+mpg. What I am doing is running very slow with little gas to maintain the motion. Neutral saves more gas, but it will stop. Also, will waste clutch. So, don't stop if possible.

So, I would go up to 40 or 45 mph as soon as possible and cruise with 5th gear, which gives me 40-50mpg, sometimes up to 70mpg with slightly downhill.

In freeway, I try to keep 40+mpg if possible. Sometimes it is very hard, especially going uphill. I don't want to slow down too much. Also, I want to drive faster than 60mph. So far, my max is 70mph, but just a while in downhill. Most time I am driving between 50mph to 60mph. I am still finding the sweet speed for cruising.

I don't notice any mpg drop after 3100rpm. So, even vvti click in, as someone mentioned before, I don't see any mpg dropped. So, I am free to go as fast as I can in downhill.

In this early conclusion, I drive faster in town (try to cruise at 40+), but slower in freeway (not maintaining speed at 60mph, but maintaining 40+mpg)

One more, the fan will turn on after 202F. Driving in freeway (60mph) is around 184F, stopping at light will increase 2F every few seconds. Driving in town is around 194F. With the upper grille blocked, the fan turns on only few times, not too bad.

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