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more explanation

Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
The three smoke pictures need more explanation to me. Is the one that puts the least amount of smoke in the wake of the camper the best? That would be with the wing in the middle. It also seems like they have less smoke input on that picture and I realize none of them are real pictures in a real wind tunnel but some kind of computer models. The problem with getting the wing back more toward the camper is on a pickup is what happens with the air between the cab and the wing unless you put a cab height topper/shell on first, then the wing on the topper. I'm thinking the topper/shell probably hurts day to day compared to just a bed cover. And is expensive and heavy.

This is the other picture from that thread
NASA considered creating an aerodynamic singularity,blending the tow vehicle to the trailer of paramount importance to drag,short of boat-tailing

A wing can make zero difference to mpg if it's not positioned exactly and angled exactly.This setup did virtually nothing

All the forebody gaps need to go away for the lowest drag.

Once you have that,then you can consider the aft-body
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