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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
We have had a form of stagflation going on since 2001.

Expanding employment comes because of lower overall pay per unit.

Aka we (the 98%) work more but earn less compared to inflation.

Job growth comes at the cost of less per unit pay, so the working class pot isn't growing.

I expect this trend to continue unless we shore up oversupply
Inflation has been below target for years. I won't disagree that the ratio of CEO pay versus employee pay hasn't been getting more ridiculous, and that many are underemployed, but to say that our economy as a whole is "struggling" is sensationalism. The Great Depression was struggling. The 2009 Recession was struggling. You're not going to see a truly "struggling" economy until Trump's trade war jacks up the cost of imports by 20% while said underemployed people don't end up getting any help after all.

Not to mention once automation replaces most of our jobs in the next few years. Everybody's ready for retirement, right?

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