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Yes, the incentive we are putting inplace is considerably less unfortunately..however, if you look at the latest spreadsheet ( I have corrected a HEAP of data, and also noticed a number of faults in my formulas that needed correcting) you will see the driver improvement (After all the mods) is still very significant.

image hosting 30 mb

I am just waiting on emperical testing to finalise on the engine mods (Being tested on dyno, logged, and recorded..with fuel burn, Nox, and HP/TQ being mapped fully..Along with many other metrics like temps etc)
After this is completed I will be approaching the directors to proceed to the next level of testing..

Of note, the Red/Black/Green on the $$$ columns refer to
Green - Payback in less than 12 months
Black - Payback in less than 18 months
Red - Payback exceeds 18 months.. (I might exclude these parts as they may not be viable for short term returns!)
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