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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I eyeballed my alignment after rebuilding the front end from when my ex wrecked my Insight, and it was fairly close, but I have a feeling you're likely still going to chew up your tires if you don't get it done professionally.

Winter mileage is bad for a lot of reasons. Get your car aligned, avoid short trips, invest in a block and oil pan heater, block your grille, and make a warm air intake. Even then, expect it to tank when the weather is cold, just less so.

Edit: I think Michelin Energy Savers are nice tires, but they're definitely more economy focused than comfort. They last a long time and you might get 10-20% better fuel economy over non-LRR tires, but they're not going to be the most luxurious ride you've ever had.
Ok, well I am definately doing all you said during the winter, short trips, not having a warm air intake, etc. I have a block heater, I just dont use it. It may be the thermostat. But unlikely. So for the michellins, do you mean the Premier A/S? or energy saver A/S? The Premier is said to be much for comfortable, but the real question is this: How much comfort can I get away with while having the Lowest roll resistance? Or, how much LRR can I get while having the highest comfort attainable from that? That may or may not be high pressure you see.
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