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I do not recall any discussions of human induced cooling or SO2 back in the 70's. The concern, and not an unreasonable one, was simply a return to an ice age, as happens every time we go into a period of cool years. That concern spawned the fear of Nuclear Winter, as though plain old Mutually Assured Destruction was not terrifying enough.
And some well-intentioned people in positions of power decide to geo-engineer their way out of a perceived existential threat; and in all good conscience start lacing the skies with chem-trails to retain our precious planetary heat.

...until the warming thaws out the Pre-Adamite Old Ones frozen in Antartica.

Originally Posted by acparker
I understand the desire to live an idyllic existence...
As do I, but I also think about hardening the infrastructure against having a large portion of the atmosphere blown away by the Heliosphere, the way it happened to Mars.

The new proposal is to put a magnetic generator at Mars' L-1 point and generate an artificial magnetosphere so Mars can retain an atmosphere.
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