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I have compared the 2 models..(With the long ROI examples removed from the second model..)

Interestingly the longer ROI are also the HARDER to achieve, makes sense to start at the 80% mark, and then push further if effective..

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Above shows everything..(Latest estimates on realistic returns included)

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This second sheet, shows the huge improvement in ROI by removing some of the items in the list..yes, the $$$ gained after the payback period are slightly lower..but..3-->6 months ROI is substantial for an operating business..
Just waiting on the engine modifications to be verified 100%..

I have calculated everything on a 80% reduction per additional modification when stacking..
I have tried to be conservative by showing approx a 50% reduction in benefit on the "realistic" columns vs the "quoted / estimated" returns the manufacturers claim..
Obviously the Hydrogen is a huge huge huge benefit, but...the system I am working on so far IS returning these numbers (Empirically measured on a Dyno..not road tested / proven beyond doubt as yet..)

Once I get to the next level of EMPIRICAL testing, and can prove a few things, I will be opening a new business consulting to fleets, I dont wish to make any claims until proven 100%, and am not a used car salesman so cant sell something that doesnt I am going to keep a few little things under wraps for the time being...for example HOW the hydrogen system is able to provide better claims than HHO (Relatively easy to provide better than something that uses almost as much energy to create as it makes..lets be honest lol)..
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