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I think hho uses more energy to create than the yield.
I believe that 100% in petrol installations, however Diesel does respond better to Hydrogen injection. Diesel will use the power of the Hydrogen , plus with the improvement in flame front / and diesel distribution it ends up making more power than it uses...
However, HHO is inherently flawed in many areas, and whilst it DOES make more power than it uses on diesel setups, it is far from optimal..
Injecting Hydrogen from stored gas correctly is very beneficial on Diesels.. (HHO without the energy drain), however also has major problems in terms of supply / refill / is far cheaper to refill than LPG / Propane however and burns cleaner, cooler, and with much better combustion is a good thing..

The System I am working with however is on demand (Like HHO in that single aspect), cleans the emissions up dramatically, is basically maintenance free, and doesnt require adding distilled water and electrolytes..importantly it also has very little impact / energy used to create..(5amps @ 12v to "help" in the creation (To ensure temps are high enough)...).. otherwise, it uses the engines "waste" products only...
VERY promising technology with diesel reductions in the order of 50% showing on the dyno with 3% +- Power/Torque adjustments....but too early to certify as yet...another 5-6 weeks to finalise our testing on it through phase 1...
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