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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
Metro sprawl due to parents being forced out of city school districts and their dangers...
Huh? When were parents ever forced out of city school districts? Of couse I'll never understand why anyone, especially someone with kids, would want to live in a city if they could afford to live elsewhere, but to blame this on urban schools seems really out of touch.

...and that women went to work to make up for the loss in their husbands income...
And now you're really pushing it. You don't think it just might be possible that a lot of women discovered (when they were finally allowed to) that there were better things to do with their lives than sit at home watching daytime TV? Or that just maybe some of them didn't want to spend their whole lives being dependent on some man for survival?

...efficient family transportation.
And what of the majority of us who aren't currently raising kids? You're making the tail wag the dog.

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