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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Huh? When were parents ever forced out of city school districts? Of couse I'll never understand why anyone, especially someone with kids, would want to live in a city if they could afford to live elsewhere, but to blame this on urban schools seems really out of touch.

And now you're really pushing it. You don't think it just might be possible that a lot of women discovered (when they were finally allowed to) that there were better things to do with their lives than sit at home watching daytime TV? Or that just maybe some of them didn't want to spend their whole lives being dependent on some man for survival?

And what of the majority of us who aren't currently raising kids? You're making the tail wag the dog.
Ethnic cleansing = school desegregation. Throw in 1960s riots. Housing patterns radically changed. And how many hundreds of billions in today's money was lost in home equity across America? Haven't thought of this as something quite so obvious, have you?

Man has built cities since his beginning. Ask why, and let it sink in.

You think those housewives just sat around? Maybe in your family, try widening the frame of reference. Women are at the heart of maintaining culture. And raising children is the central feature of life. You don't honestly believe that work is is fulfilling do you? If so, we'd retire 20 years earlier than we do. The sacrifice might then be worthy it. Instead we give over children to minimum wage strangers. Wow, that's like having lost a war. We barely have a word in with our choice of work as it is.

Efficient long lasting family transportation hardly needs be a car for every adult. And on top of it, greatly increased cost of those vehicles. In every dimension applicable. There's a reasonable limit to FE and to emissions. The other problems far out weigh it. What we are stuck with needs examination. Cars are as good as they'll get for what they're called to do.

If you're an unmarried adult with no plans for children you've rather missed the point of life, protestations notwithstanding. So consider more carefully the plight of those who will carry civilization into the future as it isn't your burden. But it was that of your ancestors.

A car is . . . ?

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