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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Yeah, afraid I have to disagree that the only point in women existing is to have and raise children.
He didn't say that, he was saying what makes a family complete and most functional. It wouldn't have to be the woman or just the husband, they could alternate. But to maximize earning it would be better if one just stuck to paychecks and one to family care. I can make more in 10 hours of overtime a week than my wife could make full time at say Walmart. I work with women at the same pay or more who do the same thing whose husbands stay home with the kids. I also work with women who's husbands also make a big check and they both work 50 hour weeks and their kids are raised by others. That's fine as well but I bet my daughters who I love more than money prefer to be raised 100% of the time by people that would take a bullet for them not $8/hr for them.

I deliver mail for the post office BTW. They are hiring all the time somewhere, it's not a unique or limited job and is the same nationwide. It's not easy but it's better than roofing!
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