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I've been looking around.

The starter/generator is liquid cooled and has its own radiator and electric pump. The small radiator is mounted behind the engine coolant radiator near the top. The pump is operated with a relay that controls the power side of the pump circuit. It’s a simple on/off circuit, so the pump has only one speed. The coolant temperature sensor is a familiar negative-temperature-coefficient (NTC) thermistor connected to the control module’s 5-volt reference signal, but it’s built into the starter/generator and cannot be replaced.

Potential gotcha in italics.

If it it center-mounted like a Porsche alternator, there might be room to run a jackshaft past to the stock fan. Else there is the Type III crank-mounted fan.

If that long junction box can lay flat face down against the top of the case it would make a tidy install and route the wiring forward without impeding the cooling.

How are the motorcycle conversions going? I was reminded when I saw this on JACG:
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