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This thread is being started to take all the non-relevant off topic posts off MPaulHolmes 3 phase controller build thread.

Would/could a moderator move ALL the BAS E-assist information from the 3 phase controller thread, into this thread ? Thank you.

Further discussion input on my part will proceed once the moderators have cleaned up the other thread. Anyone that wants to participate on this topic or relevant topics, feel free to do so.

The first page is all copies from the old thread.


WOW, what a thread. I finally got through all 306 pages, reading 5-10 pages at a time, until my old eyes crossed. I know nothing about electronics, but, can hold my own with mechanicals. I was hoping the topics would drift just a little bit further off course, and get some discussion going about programming a switched reluctance induction motor, in a lower voltage scenario.

I am of the "jungle with a hand drill" crowd, as Paul said, but, have a few more tools, machines. Down here, in the jungles of Costa Rica, there are hundreds of motorcycles of the 125cc-150cc range. Gasoline hovers around $6.00/gallon. My goal is to produce electric conversions for the locals.

I have built a homemade moto using a hub motor and Chevy Volt 83V battery. Hub motors are too low KV to climb hills very well. Controllers take a beating.

My plan, if ANYONE would be interested, is to try to get a controller working for the E-assist alternator, which can put out over 20 HP at 55v and expected 30+ HP at 72V. I have been in contact with a guy in Spain that has verified these figures. He also wanted to build a controller and I tried to get Lebowski to see about recoding his chip, but, like Paul, he is very busy. These motors are relatively inexpensive for the HP potential.

I know a couple of the posters here also are members of other forums and are very well educated with home built controllers.

If anyone would be interested in working on this, I will gladly start a new thread and supply a motor in the states for whoever would need one to figure out the code.

I also have a step grandson here, who is crazy interested in electronics and no one knows how to build OR repair controllers. I have bought him a started list of stuff so he can get into the electronics and his sister is working on getting into electronics engineering, so, this could be a great future for these two.

Any takers on trying to do this, hopefully ??

Thanks and a great big thanks for all the active members-testers in this thread, especially Paul, things to do and eclipse.

Harold in CR

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