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Hello teoman,

Should one be able to replace an alternator with this unit. Is is possible to run in pure ev mode? Say when one is crawling in traffic? Or would it need the engine to be constantly on?
If you bolt this BAS device on your vehicle in place of your existing alternator, the only way to run in pure EV mode is to rotate the engine without injecting gasoline. This adds a lot of friction, and isn't entirely unlike moving your car around using the starter motor. You could do it this way to make your vehicle an auto-stop/mild hybrid type vehicle, though.

If you want to use this BAS (Belt Alternator Starter) device to allow "crawling in traffic" or similar in pure EV mode without turning the engine, it gets complicated. You need to hook up this BAS device between the engine's clutch or torque converter and the input to your transmission. That way you can have the clutch in or the torque converter unlocked and creep along with just the BAS. Keeping the clutch in will be interesting to figure out, maybe a line lock would work. More wear on the throwout bearing, though. You'll probably be limited to first gear and a pretty low top speed. 15hp in a car isn't much. Note that with an automatic transmission you will need at least a fluid pressure accumulator, probably a supplemental electric fluid pressure pump. If you look at GM's description of the eAssist system, they describe having an electric fluid pressure pump for the transmission to keep it happy.

Hooking it up anywhere else in the driveline would be even more complicated.

If you want to use this BAS as a pure EV motor, with no engine, it might have enough oomph to replace a stock 1200cc VW Beetle engine in a VW Beetle or vehicle based on that chassis/similar weight. And run at 2-3x voltage. Or put it in a motorcycle, which I think might be the OP's goal.

Hello thingstodo,

Me too! That was a project that has been shelved since the ICE engine blew up/would not start ... almost 10 years ago
5hp compressor-duty 240VAC single-phase motor and ~30-40ft of nice flexible outdoor-rated 30A cable is plan A. This BAS is ~1/2 to 1/3 the cost or so of said motor, and is overbuilt for the purpose. 240V is enough to run this motor to ~9krpm, so gearing it down will be more complex, and the controller is needed. Might stick with the single-phase AC motor.

A battery-powered lawn tractor, though...

I would think 15 HP would be enough to crawl in traffic .. if you can get enough torque to start your vehicle from a stand still.
55 ft-lb at 0RPM with a 2:1 gear reduction? In first gear? Should be plenty.

It may be interesting to figure out how to open the input/exhaust ports on your engine so that it will free-wheel
Could help.
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