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My sister-in-law had a 2 normal children in her early 20s, then a special needs child in her mid 30s, then normal twins in her 40's. The father was the same for all the normal children and different for the special needs one (some drama there!) Maybe it has more to do with genetics than age. My aunt and uncle had only kids in their early 20's and they both were special needs and neither lived past 15. We have 2 normal daughters born 14 years apart. What does it mean?
I do know the odds at any age of having a special needs child is very low, so even if studies show an increase, it is an increase of next to nothing to next to nothing. I'm talking severe disabilitating special needs not a learning disability. My nephew has mild autism and anybody would be happy to have that kid. It's been tough for him and my brother but he's doing well, happy, healthy, working and going to college now. If you would be so picky not to want a kid like that then don't bother having any, they all got issues of one kind or another.
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