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In market for new service vehicle ..

I have bene driving a Toyota and I think the oil pump was failing "light went on and off" and got it home. No piston damage it starts and runs but light ticking in valve train. Zero oil pressure on my otc guage. removed oil oil coming out with distributor disconnected and oil filter off. I have no time to take pan off and repair so was also looking for another vehicle to replace it.

I do service work. That means I install networks so could be taking network cable, 6 foot ladder with me and lots of network supplies. I have been looking for cheap but reliable vehicles where parts are affordable and labor easy to deal with.

Budget is cheap so vehicles 3k and under

One of the factors I like to consider if fuel economy. Seattle traffic is horrible! so lots of stop and go on the highway. I would rather buy a automatic. I have seen some one here modify a ford range that obtained amazing fuel economy numbers. Can some one tell me more about the ranger?

I have considered also:
Jeep with 6 cycling - terrible aerodynamics on that vehicle.
Toyota Sienna - not seen any bad things happen to them
Honda oddesey but it has bad rep for transmission failure.

VW passat .. next door neighbor works on vw all the time so that is a bonus!

My last car I drove was for a printer company. IT was a Prius...stunning fuel economy but out of my budget. BTW who here has had Prius over 300k and still worked well? What about battery replacement cost?

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