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That's interesting. Is the 'natural' differential action proven or theoretical?

I'm not so sure about DC motors and lead acid batteries. The Warp 9 graph shows ~12 to ~28hp. How much does it weigh?

Here's a water-cooled 20hp polyphase DC altermotor that costs $512.32:


It wants 115 volts. Instead of hanging two Warp 9s on a beam axle: Two of the Buick/Impala part mounted at one pivot of a swing arm with the 7-groove V-belt to the axle. Un-sprung weight would go way down. First 'gotcha': belt tension might affect wheel alignment.

ZF have shown a twist beam rear axle with geared reduction:

Maybe the Buick belt drive could be replaced with a gear reduction.

Price of gas goes up my GGE goes up too :-)
Edit: That equation has two sides; I pay 5.3 per kilowatt hour. If I go across the river to the next town, it's ~10. Anyone who finds themselves on the Eastern coast of this great country will pay ~15 for electricity rolled from coal.

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