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Eco1 - '66 Ford F250 Base

Eco1 - '66 Ford F250 Base
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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
It never crossed my mind to look at Mexican trucks. I imagine the hassle of getting one across the border would be a bridge - or a wall - too far.

And Venezuela is a whole 'nother continent.

I love these restomod projects, keeping classic appearance, or sorta-classic, while bolting in new hardware to improve the entire experience. You get engines that are both more powerful and more fuel efficient, a transmission with more than three speeds, brakes that actually stop the vehicle, and shoot, you can even upgrade the interior with factory air. You'll probably have to fab up a ventilation system that can actually hold an evaporator, but a '66 truck with air conditioning? Yes, please!
And yes I used the entire HVAC from the donor truck. Works great in such a small cab! Not to mention it was FREE. Simply the reason for a complete door truck I used everything I could to save $$. It was far cheaper to build this way than if I went back to stock components but added A/C, better brakes . .Now it drives every bit as good as a brand new truck at a fraction of the cost and performs better in every way. By the way my next project in the works Eco2 will also have a HUGE brake upgrade along with A/C.
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