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Although I haven't seen any research papers on the subject with respect to this application, I can prove it to you. Or you could prove it to yourself.
We (royal wee) like papers, but A-B-A testing rules.

But can it do torque vectoring? FOC motors are persnickety about their phasing, but once that is accommodated in software, torque vectoring becomes possible.

For accelerating from a stop try to find the locked rotor torque and it will be extremely high. And as the RPM on the motor rises the torque will slowly drop.
My understanding was that it rises until the back-EMF kicks in and it flatlines. Maybe that's the polyphase motors again?

The weights don't seem out of line, but putting one on a clutch and transmission sounds counterproductive to me. This single speed installation would be better. EV West just did a conversion on a Fiat 124 and immediately made the clutch disk into two parts. Gas motor drive trains don't expect the microsecond shock loads.

Tesla doesn't do it. Arcimoto doesn't do it. But, Wolftronics make a 2:1 planetary gear box that will pass 500hp.

*Take all this with a grain of salt. I'm still gathering parts and info for my first EV conversion, as thingstodo can attest.
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