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To be honest, some of the prices are just estimated as yet. For example the mudflaps there are multiple examples of these on Alibaba that are exceedingly cheap (China knockoffs) be honest, for something as basic as a mudflap made from a Urethane style plastic..they SHOULD be cheaper still...

The airhorns / exhausts are able to be performed inhouse fairly cheaply..and the costs may be a bit above actual costs (unbolting, moving the wiring a few feet..and reinstalling is around a 60 minute job for a competent mechanic)..

I also havent factored in any of the other things such as SELLING unused products (EG exhaust stack removal and converting to underbody dump is very quick and easy...and leaves a shiny Stainless steel stack that will be able to be sold..)

When it comes to testing, I will only have a few trucks to test on initially..I will most likely head for a max aero / max mechanical truck...and a mechanical only truck setup...
Then, work in REVERSE removing items to try and verify net effects per item..
As a lot of this aero only works when stacked with other aero, its pointless doing it one thing at a time..

For example..
Aero hubcaps...are USELESS on a otherwise unmodified vehicle..if you already have turbulent air approaching the wheels..hubcaps will NOT correct it..
You must have laminar air before the wheels..then use the hubcaps to help it maintain attachment..

I am just waiting on testing in the next few weeks on the mechanical (Being installed on 2 x city busses currently for full review..)..once I receive this emperical test result, I will then collate findings for the board to review and approve for testing across our fleet..
Once the next level is achieved..I will see what I can release for general consumption..

Of note..latest testing on the Hydrogen is showing a 50% displacement of diesel on the dyno...and fine tuning , and water injection have NOT been completed as yet! If this can be realised on the road, we are looking at 50-60% fuel reduction mechanically..and potentially a further 25% reduction with basic aero mods (Nothing too drastic..and obviously more beneficial on older trucks vs the more modern semi aero trucks..)..
I have been speaking to a government agency here who are funding Hydrogen Fuel cell powered electric trucks (Using stored gas)..It might be environmentally friendly..but if I can achieve the insane level of savings above, it will be fiscally poor to go for full fuel cells vs using dirty old diesel engines with some bolt ons!
(20MPG+ Class 8 heavy using bolts ons, EXCEEDS the claims possible by Nikola One IIRC...)..
Doubt I can achieve this level..but worth a try!
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