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Green Machine -

Originally Posted by Green Machine View Post
The grille block, mirror delete, smooth wheel covers and undertray are possible as are some of the more minor aero mods. I have to maintain a more or less "plain" profesional image so the more radical things like boattailing are less possible.

I'd love to lose both side mirrors in favor of something inside the glass.

While installing the cruise, I noticed that there is no undertray or plastic from the underside of the bumper to the underside of the engine as there is on most cars. I don't know if it's missing or never had one. Could this be a factor?

Also, my 500 mile trip has MANY flat straight spots. Probably more than 2/3 of it nearly flat and nearly straight. I coast a lot on the bigger hills. For about half the trip, I'm out of heavy (70-80 mph) big rig freeway traffic and can drive 60-65 or so.

We'll see how the cruise does. I installed it mainly because of the poor position of the Aveo's accelerator. 500 miles with my foot in the one allowable position was just too much. My foot falls asleep and my calve cramps up.

I understand the need to look professional. Here is a picture of an Aveo with wheel covers and a modest boattail/kamm back that I did in MSPaint :

Click image for larger version

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Other Ecomodders will have a better design for aerodaynamics. I just followed the roofline of the Aveo and tried to make it look "cool" according to my aesthetic. I am sure that the side of the boattail should come down farther.

If you put an Ad on the side of the boattail, maybe that could "justify" the boattail. That way, you could tell your customers that you wanted to make the Ad "stick out" and help your aerodynamics at the same time. But, your the person that knows your customer base, so maybe I am barking up the wrong tree.


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