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What car would you CREATE?

A number of threads exist requesting input on what car people should buy. These are quickly filled up with the existing leader board of cars, and pretty much all other vehicles on the road are excluded.

However, out of morbid curiosity, and a desire to always do something different to others, I would love to hear peoples thoughts on what car they would create, or extensively modify to achieve a fuel efficient basis for various tasks.

For example a template could be as basic as the below

Budget Bracket {$0-->$5000,$5001-->$15,000,$15001-->$30,000,$30,000+}

Purpose of car {Daily driver around town, Daily Driver longer distance, 1/2 ton Work Truck (or Van), 1 ton work truck (Or van), luxury touring, sports car}

Proposed basis for car {Ground up build from raw materials, Kit car, previous production car}

Engine of choice { ??? }

Transmission of choice { ??? }

Drivetrain of choice {fwd, rwd, 4wd, other}

Modifications required to above { ??? }

Expected mileage { ??}

Expected cost to build { ?? }

This effectively removes the constraints from the obligatory Civic vs Mirage recommendations, and opens the field up to those with broader vision..

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