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Originally Posted by Shortie771 View Post
I've had the design and parts figured out for this for a long time, but not enough time or money to spare...

Purpose: DD around town
Basis: Built from ground up. Steel space frame/fiberglass body
Engine: Dual Agni 95 DC motors
Transmission: None... sprocket and chain
Drivetrain: READ
Modifications: Reverse trike (2-seat tandem), front steering from junkyard car (smart car?) with the rear half of a motorcycle.
Expected Mileage: 300+mpg
Expected Cost: 10k-15k

Even factoring in the cost of changing the lithium batteries when they die, it still costs less than $0.03/mile to drive
This is roughly what I would want. 2 key factors for maximum MPGs: lack of weight & best aerodynamics. It would blow anything else out of the water.

Main difference is that I want it mass-produced, so that it's in under the $5k mark. A small lean-burn gasoline or tiny turbo diesel would probably help keep the cost down, with the electric or hybrid as a more expensive option.
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