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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
I would definitely take the 00-06 Honda insight shell and put a 1L TurboDiesel engine in it. No fancy hybrid, just good ol' reliable diesel tech with a 6-7 speed manual gearbox. The only thing I would change about the shell would be smaller side view mirrors.

The benefits of this over what the car currently has.
-no hybrid systems to fail.
-vehicle overall would be more enjoyable to drive due to the increased powerband of TD engines.
-Way more cargo space in the rear.
-Due to how Torquey TD's are, you could tow a decent amount (not a lot, but a hell of a more than a stock insight can).

I would also like to see a version that keeps the hybrid section with one difference. I would keep it a manual trans, but add a second clutch between the ICE and motor. This would give electric only capabilities which is the one drawback on the insight. Even the most efficient ICE is horrible in slow city traffic. Having the ability to just leave the trans in 3rd gear and putt along in rush hour traffic would be nice.
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