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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
The Atkinson cycle reduces torque a lot, and the 1.0 in the Insight already is barely adequate to cruise on the highway, so if you were going to go Atkinson you'd need to add a bit of displacement.
I really need to learn more about Insights. I've only ever seen 2 in my life so I figured they were hard to source. I was thinking along the lines of an OBD1 Geo Metro XFI (though I LOVE Honda's) engine or something. Its fuel injected, easy to work on and not as many computers to deal with (maybe I'm just anti-OBD2+). Maybe even a water cooled motorcycle engine, it's smaller, lighter and since I've designed the rear of the car around the back half of a motorcycle it would be very easy to make it work. Then have a long gear ratio form the motor to the wheels, I think it should cruise just fine. I think it's sexy!

Oh and the design I was trying to explain is VERY similar to the VW 1L concept:

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