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...I bet the purists out there ...
They're bay windows!

On the Woodruff Special, there is a video of him getting in: Hands and knees, head first, get your butt over the seat, roll 180, and then swing your feet in. Not a grocery getter.

I'm down to my last two. The Superbeetle is very close to stock:

Shantung Gold paint (mostly). Adjustable Macpherson struts with the stock spring rate, stock width 165/50-15 tires (same height as a 145), carb downsized from a 34PICT to a 32 PICT, Perlux Ignitor on an 009 (Hall effect — no points or plugs). 40-liter range extender and Stainless steel stress bar:

LED headlights with aluminum tape 'eyebrows.'

And the wheels I want to powder-coat before they go on, OEM Marathon/Jubilees:

The 58 is a Canadian — big back window and semaphore pockets. but the build plate on the front apron was Baja'd away.

The aerodynamic lofting was removed and it's now waiting for a Lexus drivetrain.
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