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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr
That's a Fiat 126
I would have guessed some little Beetle-engined econobox from South America; Gogol or whatever.

So I spent the morning looking though Jason Torchinsky's posts on Jalopnik; when I should have concentrated on inventing new search terms. Anywho, Here's some of the things I found:

Jalopnik: These Design Studies For The Volkswagen Microbus Will Make Your Brain Hurt

The Most Beautiful Car You've Never Heard Of: The Tatra JK 2500

The Forgotten Beetle Four-Door Sedan That Volkswagen Never Made

The CIA Built Special Trench-Digging Volkswagen Beetles To Spy On The Soviets

The True Story Behind This Mysterious Mutant VW Beetle

This Fascinating Stillborn VW Prototype Would Have Been Revolutionary

These Communist Mid-Engined Prototypes Are Absolute Genius

A couple of commie chicks in their commie sports car.

Maybe it's Gurgel? No they were front-engined:

Gurgel May Be The Weirdest Car Company Ever
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