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High MPG Vehicle or Custom Build?


I drive an average of 100 miles Monday through Friday for work. I drive a lifted '99 4runner on 35" mud tires... gas bill has been adding quick and I have started to look for good looking efficient car that I can modify. I settled on a 2003 Jetta TDI with the ALH motor in a 5 speed manual. I am still looking for "the one" low miles, clean title, no body damage, etc. I have been reading TDI forums none stop. I do not care if I get my money back after modifications from saving gas so please no preaching about how I drive. So far the main essentials on my build list are 17/22 turbo, PP520 injectors, FMIC, PD150 manifold, tune, clutch upgrade, aero mods, etc.

TODAY, I was reading a forum about aero mods for the Jetta and found were somebody posted about good info on this sight for eco mods. So I started browsing this website and found the URBA CENTURION! Spiked my interest real quick. But then I found were you have to make the body yourself... I can turn a wrench all day long and I have the equipment/space/money to do something like that but I hate working with fiberglass. Looked and looked and I could not find were I could just buy the body for the Centurion....

Is there a similar build as the Centurion that would allow me to get those kind of MPG? Kit? Any other success stories like the Centurion that is well documented?

Any cars you can take and do a motor swap on and modify it to get +100mpg?

I have to have a manual transmission and it can not look like a Prius.

Any advice is welcomed.

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