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Originally Posted by xbUser View Post
I know. My camera broke. I want to buy a new Canon 5D, too. $1750!! is a lot. However, I believe scangauge is a good INVESTMENT. Investment has money return. My camera is expense, no money return for me.....

I just ordered Monroe shock yesterday. Not expensive. Around $60 for 2 includes shipping. It should come next week. My brother will install it for me in the next weekend. I hope it will smooth the ride as other forum say. The ride is too choppy as my tires is 44psi now.

Since I topped off the gas last tank, this tank lasts very long. It may run 6 days rather than 5 days as usual. It may break 500miles. Now, 280miles only pass a hair of half mark. I can tell the unusual high mpg in this tank. hahaha...
Wow that's really great for the half tank. My best could have been over 250 this time, I'm not there yet, but too much city driving is hurting. My tires say the max is 40 psi, so I have it there, I don't know if I should go for much more. My box rides quite well to me, I go over railroad tracks much faster than most people and it's not too bumpy. I like "feeling" the road, I get a better sense of it.

Also, I was wondering, what is your mpg on flat roads going 70 mph? I hate going that fast because I feel like the drag is increased too much.

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