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All these responses clearly did not read my original post. So before you reply how about you actual read what I was asking.

Fat Charlie I clearly said I don't want to hear preaching about driving. I know how to drive efficient when I want to. I HATE going to a forum about a mod for Improving gas mileage and some idiot starts preaching about the driving style.

I also stated I do not like the look of a Prius which looks exactly like a turd insight.

If you can't comprehend wanting to building a good looking vehicle that has the capability of out performing that turd box you call an insight/prius then please don't respond. Go hug your tree, talk about poor dying animals, charge your batteries or whatever else liberals do...

"Is there a similar build as the Centurion that would allow me to get those kind of MPG? Kit? Any other success stories like the Centurion that is well documented?"

Is a Honda insight similar to a Centurion build??? NOPE

Is a Prius similar to a Centurion build??? NOPE

An actual modification to a car requires tools, experience, and hard work. Things I have seen people do on this website for "Hypermiling Mods" is tape Duct Tape and card board for "aerodynamics".... this is not an actual modification, this you trying to make yourself feel good because you lack the skills to actually do something. You are giving yourself a participation trophy and patting yourself on the back.

If you are not responding to my question about similar builds to the Centurion then move on. And if you think your turd box is similar to a Centurion then your opinion is worthless.
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