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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
I have a 1.8, so mine might vary.

Road noise is awful in every Miata. But you can cut a loooot of road noise by stuffing a pillow, or some form or fluffy material in the cavities above the rear shock towers.

Not too loud.

It takes a good minute or two to get up to temp. I would say 1-3 miles depending on the outside temp.
Thanks for the suggestion and the info.

The road noise is awful in mine. Especially with the hard top on, amplifying it. Not as bad as it was with the winter tires on, and after which discovering the bearings were going/gone in the diff, but still...I don't dare take the hard top off at the moment, unless I'm going to put it back on again. Maybe after I get a working alarm in it...

Exhaust noise is pretty up there too. Again, worse with the hard top on, but a bit better now that she's running well again and I don't have to keep the revs up. I think the aftermarket header is thin-walled, contributing to said noise. Of course, if you take the top down, you hear none of it, just the sweet note of the exhaust.

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